Bauang, La Union's Sea of Clouds

I've been to the top of Luzon.
I climbed Mt. Pulag and 
all I got was this lousy shot
It was a challenging and exhilarating climb all the way to the top of Mt. Pulag. It was also anticlimatic. Trudging along 98kg of pure fat up the Philippines' third highest peak and nothing to show for it? I mean, come on!!! :P Well, Mt. Pulag has it's own weather system, as I found out, and the anticipated sea of clouds view was nowhere to be seen.

Fast forward to 2019. So, my siblings wake me up at 4AM and said "Let's go!" Apathetic me says, "Go where? Oh, that local mountain... fine, whatever." Begrudgingly, I went along for the hike.

The hike time to the peak of Mt. Puraw (Mt. Kabugbugan) was relatively quick; relievingly just 2% of Mt. Pulag's. this time though, the hike's culmination did not disappoint. The views were impressive: a panoramic scene of Bauang, La Union's own sea of clouds to the North and an actual sea to the south. I'm sure glad my siblings dragged me along for the hike, check it out!

How to get there:

If you have your own ride, drive through Brgy. Guerrero for 2.3 kilometers to the registration area in Brgy. Limmansangan-Palugsi. The registrar will guide you somewhere to park your ride. )As of my visit, there were no fees for parking, but tip the registrar for looking out for your ride)

If you plan on commuting, drop off at the entrance of Brgy Guerrero along MacArthur Highway. From here you can either hire a tricycle (you may have to pre-hire one if you plan on going on a sunrise hike) to take you to the registration area or if you're up to it, start trekking.

After registering, the registrar will tell you to just follow the posts, which, uhmmm, are quite vague and lazy instructions. It also seems, Google hasn't been this way before either, so I've created a map which should be of some help:

Give or take, it's a 1.5Km hike and will probably take about 30-40 minutes to take Mt. Puraw (Kabugbugan) on.

Coming down and if you're famished, you may drop by Ciano Umok which serves a kick-ass halo-halo among many others on their menu. And, while waiting for your food, why not be an art critic at the same time while viewing the works of owner and local artist, Ciano Dumo.

Happy trekking! Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. PLEASE.


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