Saudi Arabia 2013 National Day Fireworks Display

It was the kingdom's national day and citizens and expats alike were both treated to day of rest and festivities. I chose the latter.

Instead of holing up inside my room, I woke up real early to play hoops and eat out with friends. Napped for a bit after then readied my gear for the 9PM fireworks.

8PM found us on top of the Rashid Tower with the Riyadh Skyline glowing in green to coincide with the Saudi Arabia's celebration of it's national day.

I began setting up... Crap! My tripod broke and just a few more minutes was left before the fireworks display would start. Fortunately the rooftop had a lot of stuff laying around to use as a base but dang was my shot selection severely limited. And with that, a note to self: Invest in a sturdier tripod.

Also, this was my first fireworks shoot. I had practiced on a screensaver program the night before and though I had an idea of how to shoot the explosions, I still didn't know how it would turn out.

I've stacked the explosions into this one image as the scene was pretty much the same. Hope you like it!

Here's the live shot from my YouTube Channel:

Another note to self: Invest in a longer zoom lens. My Tamron 24-70mm lens did it's job well but I feel a 70-200mm would have done a better job.

Bulb Mode with Remote to toggle the shots
Exposure time was from 1-3 seconds
Aperture was at f/11 to capture the scene in sharp detail


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